Cloud Services

Who else can provide the best cloud computing solution with guided Technical Consultant support? iWeb System are experienced pioneers in establishing an infrastructure for your business.

Our Real Cloud Solution enhances total business support!

Cloud users do not require the experience or knowledge to take care of their cloud system. We specialise in taking full control of setting the right physical and virtual location. We provide automatic and easy deployment of adding or modifying your virtual machine with auto pre-configuration and network settings. Our solutions have seen many happy clients who still refer and continue business with our enriched Cloud integration service.

We Promise

  • Instant scalability
  • Unmatched connectivity
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Expert technical consultants at your service
  • Flexible payments at unbeatable cost

Trust us to free yourself from the burden of setting the optimal infrastructure to connect anywhere from the world. It’s easy, and makes so much sense!

Traditional Infrastructures to AWS Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS) acts like a building block that allows supporting your workload virtually with the need to pay for only the application required features. This allows easy re-configuring without any additional cost. AWS provides a complete service that is suitable for consumer support, enterprise or e-commerce.

Over the internet, AWS offers hi-end storage, compute, data management, networking, and application marketing services that suits your sophisticated requirements. With our support over the internet, your application waves high in the online internet market. AWS Cloud is reliable, configurable, and scalable to business needs, and allows faster linking to all your businesses with no upfront cost.

In summary, AWS is more preferred and value-added system to meet your online application.


Hosting Services

Looking for a company that takes full control of hosting with all time support? iWeb Systems provides the hurdle-free hosting support to set you function with the perfect infrastructure.

With hi-end secure servers that match and meet your needs, we ensure that you get the robust hosting platform you deserve – that is, servers with high storage for Windows and Linux platform at incredible cost-effective rates that we guarantee will never burn your pocket!


  • Unlimited domain space, email and disk space
  • Dedicated 24/7 timely support
  • Highly secure database and infrastructure
  • Easy coupling of infrastructure

Call us or email us to get a free quote. We’ll be delighted to walk you through your options.


iTransact System

This software was developed to meet internal tracking and reporting demands for foreign exchange money transfers. It allows the business to track the daily transactions to evaluate performance whilst providing the flexibility to meet general reporting requirements.

The iTransact system, developed and made available through web, helps facilitate management of monetary transactions within a money transfer business. iTransact allows the identification/storage of sender and beneficiary details and creates a unique identifier for each and every transaction . The system allows the transactions to be assigned to overseas agents. The assignment is just an indicator to track the transaction and does not automatically transfer the money. The system is completely manual and the client needs to contact the overseas agent in a manner they see fit in order to deliver the money to any specified beneficiary in the receiving country. The secure online customer database and transaction database will maintain and keep accurate tracking of the status of all transactions, from commencement up to completion. The iTransact system can be used in a multiple-branch application, up to a limit of five branch offices. The iTransact system can generate reports based on the transactions created by the client and these can be used to partially/fully satisfy internal requirements or relevant Australian legislation needs. Automated system backups are done hourly from 8.30am to 10.30pm daily.

The iTransact System totally adheres to and more than meets all Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 requirements. It also provides these additional benefits –

  • Generate Austrac Reports, IFTI and TTR reports within less than 2 to 4 minutes for more than 10,000 transactions at a time
  • Austrac Suspicious Matters Reports (SMR) is notified via email to all Company management immediately on performing a transaction
    1. Creating transaction in less than 20 seconds for sender and beneficiaries
    2. Invoices sent automatically to senders
    3. Automatic backups
    4. Reports can be generated as excels and PDFs depending of ease of use
    5. A sophisticated account chart with all details to be known in a nutshell

What do you do? Simply talk to us to learn more about our iTransact System.


Email Solutions

Give your business a professional and organized look with iWeb Systems Email Solution. We provide a dedicated email account for your business that ensure reliable, secure, compatible service which easily integrates your desktop and mobile within attractive rates.

Build for business, works for team.

With our team of innovative minds, we work with determination to provide an optimized on the go mailing solution that works perfect for the success of your business. Business meet, teamwork sheet and secure data transfer and much more can be achieved at ease.

We Promise

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Professional email (
  • 30 to 50 GB Storage Space
  • Secure data transfer
  • Online Storage
  • Shared Calendar for Productive Meetings
  • Video Conference
  • Easy Teamwork Track and Share
  • Value for Money
  • 24/7 Managed Service

Work more on the go


Google Apps for Work

Formerly known as Google Apps for Business is a suite of productive yet collaborative software tools adds business-specific features like custom email address (, large storage space, phone and email support. Google contains simple, flexible email tools that work for every business.


Office 365

Get your business done, anywhere is the right saying for Microsoft service that provides productivity softwares and services for your business. Office 365 allows your company to have access to the most comprehensive, secure data and communication facilities anywhere. Thus, simplifying ones infrastructure yet staying people-centric.


Amazon WorkMail

Amazon is one of the largest internet-based retailers that are high in cloud-based productivity applications. This cloud-based email and calendar services can be easily integrated with your Outlook. It’s managed services, anywhere access at cost effective rates is an attraction for easy business.

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